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Free Tools and Templates

Please choose a template category from the list below

Template CategoriesExamples
Strategic Planning Templates(E.g. Porter's Five Forces, BCG Matrix, S.W.O.T analysis, value-chain analysis and more)
Project Set-up and Planning(E.g. business case templates, budgeting tools, timetabling, Gantt charts, stakeholder analysis and more)
Project Management(E.g. risk analysis, action plan, timesheets, expenses and more)
Project Shutdown(E.g. shutdown plan, lessons learned report)
PowerPoint Templates(E.g. text boxes, process charts, organisational charts, bar charts, waterfall charts and more)
Excel Tools
(E.g. DCF model, IRR calculation, financial analysis and more)

Do you have a template you would like to add to this? Email us and we will add it to the collection!

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