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Strategic Consultancy We provide practical commercial judgement and analytical rigour to enhance organisational performance

This website is powered by Millennium Associates, a boutique strategy consulting firm based in London. Millennium Associates supports clients in enhancing their organisational performance by guiding them through complexity and change in today’s increasingly challenging commercial environment.

We have a unique approach to working with our clients – we listen to them and seek to understand the situation from their shoes. Moreover, we have a dedication to doing our best to serve our clients with the best solutions that help them achieve success. Each client operates in a unique context with distinctive needs and constraints – our approach is bespoke with an emphasis on working together in partnership to achieve the desired results for the organisation.

We have an expertise in providing clear unambiguous advice – grounded in comprehensive analysis – to support key decision making for our clients. In particular, we are specialists in using complex analytical tools to gain a “bottom-up” understanding of the key issues impacting our clients and a detailed understanding of the drivers and opportunities.

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