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Develop a Leading-Edge Analytics Capability

Our projects routinely require deep-dive activity based quantitative and qualitative analysis - we specialise in creating and handing over Excel-based models which have in-built user friendly functionality for scenario planning and sensitivity analysis. 

By working closely with the necessary business and technical functions to gather data and identify requirements, we ensure that all deliverables and outputs are fit for purpose. 

We pride ourselves on working with rigour and our attention to detail, but never at the expense of the bigger picture - our priority is to help our clients by addressing the heart of their problems, not conducting analysis for its own sake.

Our broad industry and functional experience allows us to give our clients access to a variety of problem solving techniques;

  • While there are standard approaches that work across projects, we are always keen to use the best (and sometime unusual!) combination of methods to achieve our ultimate goal.

Examples of previous projects include:

Oil and Gas

  • For international upstream natural gas company (UK based)
    • Constructed model to generate forecast for supply and demand of natural gas in China until 2025 – worked with strategy and market fundamentals to develop forecasting methodologies
    • Designed and created tool to calculate the “cost of carbon” across the globe, with a focus on the client’s key assets – required modelling multiple fuel demand and mix scenarios with sensitivity analysis around financial and political constraints
  • For large integrated natural gas company (UK based)
    • Worked with Operational Excellence team to create Asset Improvement Plans for each of the producing assets
    • Conducted production loss and root-cause analysis to identify key initiatives for the assets and constructed plans to include prioritisation, KPIs, timelines and management reporting templates


  • For large national books and stationary retailer
    • Produced business case for the purchase and implementation of a warehouse management IT system – created complex Excel-based tool for evaluating areas of benefit across the supply chain, as well as multiple cost scenarios from various vendors; involved liaising with staff across business functions – strategy, finance, IT and core operations
    • Working for Group Strategy Director, responsible for creating pilot programme to reduce the amount of excess stock within stores
    • Helped to create and develop IT system logic in order to automatically manage replenishment of books in Airport and Railway stores – executed analysis and mapped process to understand problems, and worked with IT function to develop new logic for pilot implementation

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

  • Part of team that reviewed reconfiguration options for a major NHS Cluster (comprising of 4 Acute Trusts)
    • Created model to evaluate various scenarios based on input from workshops with finance, clinical and management committees
    • Conducted detailed analysis of workforce requirements over a 5 year period, liaising with each Trust’s HR and finance departments to validate data, assumptions and methodology
  • Assessed case for centralisation of cellular pathology division for large NHS London Trust and produced Excel-based “Ready Reckoner” to evaluate consultant clinician productivity within division
  • Performed deep-dive cost review and re-budget for a global pharmaceutical company, based in Japan
    • Focussed on the marketing operations with annual budget of ~$1bn
  • Created business development strategy for global manufacturer of aquapheresis therap
    • Created and tested hypotheses on how company could grow their business within Europe and the UK during the next 5 years
    • Developed models to create fact-pack of potential clinical and financial benefits for NHS commissioners and providers, with flexibility for varying underlying assumptions through user-friendly excel tool

Global Hotels

  • Created global hiring model for major international hotel and resort group – user-friendly tool to be used by multiple stakeholders across geographies for planning hiring needs across brands, roles and  grades of staff


For major UK satellite broadcaster, conducted independent study into their contribution to sport since formation

  • Quantified overall investment, defined their place in the sporting and broadcast  landscapes, and assessed their social and economic impact to sport via research and interviews with  top level stakeholders across the sporting industry
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