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Strategy Roles within Industry

There are many different types of strategy roles within industry.  Here is a list of the most common roles:

Description of Role
Strategic Planning Associate

  • Strategic manager directs assignments
  • Converses with organisation leaders to diagnose and understand problems
  • Responsible for collection of data and conducting analyses
  • Creates presentations and reports
Strategic Planner

  • Data collection
  • Responsible for data analysis
  • Organises data
  • Pays attention to and track trends of competitors
  • Develops forecasts
  • Finds opportunities in emerging markets
  • Identifies potential risks and threats to a business
  • Finds solutions to organisational problems
  • Develops action plans for workstreams
  • Examines and monitors business unit performances
  • May be responsible for collaboration on product development
  • May interact with companies as a product manager
  • May draw on various disciplines including communications, marketing, and finance
  • May often work as consultants within a business (as opposed to working outside of a business)
  • May play a key role in business development

Strategic Manager

  • Leads strategic planning and strategy implementation
  • Strategic decision-making authority
  • Responsible for units or divisions of a company
  • Directly oversees various parts of the business

Management Consultant

  • Responsible for solving company problems
  • May assist clients in identifying new business opportunities
  • Conducts market research and performs data analysis
  • Develops presentation and reports
  • Assists with some project management activities
  • Discovers and obtains data and information
  • Able to provide cost modeling
  • Interprets gathered information in order to help clients achieve desired results
  • Assesses the competition

Strategic Cost Analyst

  • Determines various business activity costs
  • Runs Activity-Based Costing
  • Runs Break-Even Analysis
  • Determines whether or not to grow business divisions using fact-based methodologies
  • Involved in a company's budgeting
  • Compares a company's position relative to competitors
  • Assesses cost disparities
  • Develops strategies to lower costs
  • Tests cost reduction strategies to ensure effectiveness
Competitive Intelligence Analyst

  • Collects information about global competitors
  • Identifies and searches valuable information sources
  • Delivers material without bias to a company's senior leaders
  • Assesses the accuracy and validity of collected information
  • Conducts research in an ethical manner
  • Possesses strong people skills
  • Possesses knowledge of key budget areas

Transformation Agent

  • Works closely with change management teams
  • Creates incentives for change
  • Helps team members understand the need for the change being undertaken
  • Facilitates change within a corporation
  • Designs solutions for learning
  • Develops communication plans
  • Advises senior management on steps to take in implementing change


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