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Change Management process

Change management transitions organizations and teams from a current state to a desired state. Change management is a special type of project management dealing with formal changes.  The most common process for change management (John Kotter's) includes eight steps:

1.    There must be a sense of urgency created 
2.    A team must guide the rest of the group in the change 
3.    The change vision and strategy is developed by important stakeholders
4.    The change and need for change are adequately communicated 
5.    Actions are empowered 
6.    Milestones should be set and celebrated 
7.    The leaders must model and enforce the change 
8.    A culture must be created that supports the change 

While the above is the most common process used for change management, it is by no means the only method.  Other methods include following traditional project management methods for change management projects and various change models. 

Change management projects may include:
  • Restructuring the company's imports division 
  • Adapting to new safety requirements
  • Implementing a process redesign 

Examples of companies that implement change management projects include Accenture, Change Management Consulting, LaMarsh and Associates, HPK Group, Holland & Davis, and more top management consultancy firms and boutique firms.    

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