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What is a Programme Management Office?

A programme management office is a central support hub that provides assistance to any change or delivery projects contained in an organisation. PMOs offer a change project:

  • Better standards maintenance 
  • Continuity of established standards
  • An increase in the development and transfer of vital skills
  • A collection of data involving results and lessons from previous projects and programs 

Programme management offices provide many services, including:  

  • Providing a liaison between agencies 
  • Coordinating programme targets 
  • Management and monitoring of a programme  
  • Reviewing qualifications of those participating in a given programme  
  • Managing a database of information from previous programmes instituted 
  • Providing any needed technical assistance  
  • Compiling terms of reference for activities 
  • Organization of various conferences  
  • Documenting programme bulletins and managing documents 

Examples of programme management office projects include:

  1. Collecting programme feedback from the implantation process of a programme 
  2. Collecting the annual work plan for an organisation's programme
  3. Conducting risk management assessments for the institution of programmes in an organisation 

Examples of companies providing programme management office services include: PMO Consulting Services, Resolution Management Consultants, Inc., PMA Consultants, Berkeley Partnership, and some of the other boutique and specialist consultancies.    

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