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Corporate Finance/Valuation


Corporate Finance deals with the decisions that businesses make in order to increase the value of a firm. Corporate valuation deals specifically with estimating potential market values of a firm's assets and liabilities. The purpose of corporate finance consulting is to improve a company's financial standing.

Typically, corporate finance is a service that: 

  • Addresses critical needs through the identification of primary issues 
  • Improves tax organization
  • Manage financial risk 
  • Creates an alignment between treasury and strategic objectives in a company
  • Transforms the workplace
  • Improves low market valuation
Examples of projects include: 
  • Hiring an asset manager in order to make a transformation from a corporation operating at a local level to a global level 
  • Working with a client in order to improve the tax system through automating the way tax specific calculations and returns are processed
  • Increasing the value of an undervalued company through hypothesis testing and changing operational functions of the business. 
Example companies that provide corporate finance/valuation services include: The Big Four Accountancy Firms (PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte), McKinsey & Company, Accenture, BCG,     

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